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What Is Asphalt

Asphalt is a mixture of, aggregate, binder and filler. Aggregates used for asphalt mixtures can be crushed rock, sand, gravel or slag. A binder is used to bind the aggregates in a sticky mixture. Commonly, bitumen is used as a binder.

Although asphalt is mainly used for paving roads, it can also be used for various purposes. The versatility of asphalt makes it such a widely used material. Most of the world's asphalt roads are paved with asphalt, which provides good performance and durability in the busiest traffic conditions. Asphalts provide good performance and durability in a wide variety of climatic and traffic conditions.

What Is Asphalt Distributor?

The main job of an asphalt distributor is to apply an adhesive or bonding coating to a road surface. An asphalt distributor is a truck-mounted insulated tank with a number of special-purpose attachments. When sprayed onto the coating, the process acts as a "glue" to hold the existing and new coating layers together.

It is a unit consisting of asphalt distributor, insulated storage and heating tank, open flame heating system, asphalt pump, low pressure air blower, circulation and spraying system. The power to drive the components is PTO driven. It guarantees precise, safe and easy use in laying bitumen and bitumen emulsions.

Distributor tanks are designed for the safe transport, storage and spraying of oilbased materials such as asphalt emulsions, bitumen, adhesive coating on highways, parking lots and driveways and stabilization work. Like any machine, asphalt distributors need to be well maintained and regularly checked for calibration in order to function properly.

How To Use Asphalt Distributors?

Before starting the Vimpo VAD Asphalt Distributor, necessary level checks are made. The oil levels of the burner fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank, cleaning tank and conditioner are checked. Then the vehicle is started. The vehicle air tank is expected to be filled with air.

When the gear is in neutral, the PTO release button is pressed. The foot is slowly taken off the brake. In manual transmission cars, when the gear is in neutral and the foot is in the clutch, the PTO release button opens, then the foot is slowly pulled back from the clutch. The PTO release button enables the hydraulic parts to be engaged.

In-cab Front Control Panel

In Vimpo VAD Asphalt Distributors, when the power button is in the middle, both control panels are closed. This button is used to switch the control between the rear and front panel. It is used to control the movement of the spray bars with the green button.

The middle main bar is lowered and lifted, the right additional bar and left additional bar keys are folded and opened. The red buttons are used to lock the middle main bar right and left additional bar after being folded and collected. With the pump flow button, the flow rate of the asphalt pump and the engine speed are adjusted. With the front control panel, the pistons that control all three nozzle groups in the spray bars are opened and closed. Any more than one group key can be opened at the same time. During a process, these groups cannot be opened or closed without the start spray button on.

In the middle of the front control panel are function keys for circulation controls. More than one of these keys should not be open at the same time. If more than one operation is to be performed, they should be applied one by one in sequence. Except for automatic spraying, the same keys are located on the rear control panel. For operation on the rear control panel, the power button on the front control panel must be moved to the rear panel. When transferring power between panels, it should be noted that the common keys on both panels are in the same place.

Rear Control Panel

Before moving to the back panel, the power keys in the fuse box are removed. They are the intermediate power key, the burner one and the burner two power keys, respectively. There are burner keys used for rear panel heating. One button on the left burner is used to turn on the lower level burner, and the right burner two is used to open the upper level burner.

The button is turned on by plugging the plug in the empty socket on the inverter. After turning on the keys of the desired burners on the panel according to the material level in the tank, the desired temperature value is set on the control screen in the middle. In order to do this, after pressing the button on which is written set, the desired temperature value is entered with the help of the button with the arrow on it.

If the button is not pressed for 3 seconds, the selection is made. The value above on the screen is the value we want to reach if the instantaneous temperature in the tank is below. Open burners work until the material in the tank reaches the desired temperature and automatically stops firing when the desired temperature is reached. As long as we do not turn off the burners, the burners start automatically after the material temperature drops two degrees below the desired value.

Circulation Controls Function Keys

Back Suction: This function is used when it is desired to return the material remaining in the spray bars to the tank after the operation. First of all, the back suction button is opened for this operation. With the pump flow button, the pump flow is increased. Approximately 300 rpm is a sufficient value. After waiting for two or three minutes, the pump flow is reduced until it is reset. Afterwards, the back suction button is closed.

Tank Filling: The material is filled with the tank filling process. It can fill material in two ways. The first one is filled using the manhole on the top. The second one is filled using the tank filling function. In order to do this, the cover of the pipe is opened and the spiral hose is attached. The other end of the spiral hose is dipped into the hopper to be filled and the tank filling button is opened. The cycle is increased with the Pump-Flow button. After the process is finished, the flow rate is reduced and the cycle is reset and the tank filling button is closed.

Tank Circulation: It is used to discharge the material in the tank through all the pipes and discharge it back into the tank with the tank circulation process. It is generally used to ensure the circulation of the heated material while the burner is running. For this, the cycle is increased from the pump flow button after the tank circulation button is turned on. tank circulation button is closed.

Manual Spraying: It is used when it is desired to operate with the hand bar instead of using the spray bars with manual spraying. The hand bar is put in place and the valve is opened. The manual spray button is opened and the speed is increased with the pump flow button. After the process is finished, the flow is reduced and the cycle is reset. The manual spray button is closed. Then the valve of the hand bar must also be closed.

Tank Unloading: Tank emptying can be done in two ways. The material in the tank can be emptied by spraying, or it can be emptied into another hopper with the help of a spiral hose. The cover of the tank discharge pipe located directly opposite the tank filling pipe is opened, the spiral hose is attached. After the other end of the spiral hose is dipped into the other hopper to be discharged, the tank emptying button is opened. The speed is increased with the Pump-Flow button. After the process is finished, the flow is reduced and the cycle is reset. The tank emptying button is closed.

Intermediate Pump: Intermediate Pump operation is applied when we want to use the pump of the asphalt distributor when we need to transfer material from one place to another. Tank filling and tank emptying covers are opened and hoses are connected to both sides. Then, the intermediate pump function key is opened and the speed is increased from the pump-flow button. After the process is finished, the flow is reduced and the speed is reset. The intermediate pump button is closed. During this process, the material transferred is never mix the material in the tank. It does not mix with the pump. It is discharged to the other side by passing through the pump only.

Cleaning with Diesel: Every day after the operation, cleaning with diesel oil should be done. Thanks to this process, the material remaining in the bars, flanges and nozzles is prevented from freezing and forming an obstacle in the next operation. Open the diesel valve and one of the spray valves to perform the operation. Afterwards, the fuel cleaning button is opened and the flow is increased. After the process is finished, the flow is reset by decreasing and the button is closed.

On the screen opened with the F1 key, information such as the amount of material spilled, the distance traveled, the speed value read by the radar, the amount of material to be poured per square meter, the amount of instant spilled material, material type, material temperature, the required asphalt pump speed and instantaneous speed are displayed. F2 key used for distance report, F3 key used for material laid report, F4 key used for pump data report and F5 used for burner controls.

In Vimpo VAD Asphalt Distributors, the set keys are used to memorize the selections for the operation. For this, when automatic spraying is on and on the F1 screen, the amount to be poured is adjusted with the help of the pump flow rate buttons on the panel.

When the desired value is reached, it is stored by pressing the Set 2 button. In the next operation, the same laying amount is ready for automatic laying by simply pressing the Set 2 button instead of setting it all over again. After setting the desired amount for automatic spraying, the automatic spray button on the panel opens. Spray groups are opened according to the width of the laying, and then the process is started with the spray start button.

When the vehicle is stationary, the pistons do not open and the spraying does not start. The vehicle is moved. After the vehicle passes 2 km/h, the desired spray groups are automatically opened and the spraying starts. When the speed of the vehicle increases or decreases, the radar sees this and the asphalt pump speed will spray the desired amount entered at the beginning the way it works.

When the vehicle speed drops below 2 km/h, the spray groups are automatically closed and the spraying stops. When the vehicle speed drops below 2 km/h, the spray groups are automatically closed and the spraying stops. When the automatic laying process is finished, the spray groups are closed and the spray start button is turned off. The last automatic spraying button should also be turned off.

In the Asphalt Distributor, the manual spray button is opened for manual spraying. The desired amount of pouring is adjusted with the pump flow keys. The spray groups are opened according to the pavement width. After the vehicle starts to move, the spray start button is opened at the point where we want to start the paving. The cycle is reset from the flow buttons, the manual spray button is closed.

Asphalt Distributor Periodic Maintenance

  • At the end of each day's work, the moisture accumulated in it should be emptied thanks to the button located under the conditioner.
  • The surface of the radar should be wiped lightly with a clean cloth.
  • Level tanks must be checked at the beginning and at the end of the work.
  • If the movement of the spray bars is fast or too slow, these speeds should be controlled from the regulating valves on the spray bars.


The burners should only be started when the vehicle is stationary. While working with the burner, the manhole cover should always be left open. Pressurized water should never be kept on the burner, radar and inverter.

Asphalt Distributor Types

There are 5 types of asphalt distributors in the production range of Vimpo Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Machines. We manufacture three types of proportional-full automatic and two types of manual asphalt distributors.

  • VAD 5400A Proportional Asphalt Distributor
  • VAD 4200A Proportional Asphalt Distributor
  • VAD 3600A Proportional Asphalt Distributor
  • VAD 3600M Manual Asphalt Distributor
  • VAD 4200M Manual Asphalt Distributor

Proportional Asphalt Distributor And Its Features

With its proportional control system, Vimpo VAD Proportional Asphalt Distributor keeps the amount of material to be laid in m2 determined by the operator constant, taking into account data such as vehicle speed and pave width. The control of the system is provided by the panel in the operator cabin. The amount of material desired to be poured per square meter is entered and after the laying width is selected, the laying starts automatically, the pump speed is adjusted according to the vehicle speed, and the laying ends automatically when the vehicle stops. Total laid material, km, instant vehicle speed, instant pump speed can be seen by the operator on the screen on the panel.

Vimpo VAD Proportional - Full Automatic Asphalt Distributors basically ensure that the bitumen-based material in its reservoir is spread proportionally to the ground thanks to the specially designed asphalt pump. Variable displacement hydraulic pump driven by the PTO, burner fuel tank, rear right and left additional spray bar, There are main spray bar, specially designed asphalt pump, fixed displacement hydromotor, pneumatic actuated valves, two burners to heat the material in the tank, hydraulic oil tank, cleaning tank, air conditioner, radar inverter, fuse box, rear control panel. There is a front control panel.

The hydraulic parts of VAD Proportional Asphalt Distributor are as follows. The oil coming from the 50 liter hydraulic oil tank is sent to the hydro pump. The hydro pump is a variable displacement piston pump. The plate inside the hydro pump is regulated according to the vehicle speed, pavement amount and pave width, allowing the required amount of oil to be sent to the hydromotor. The movement of the spray bars and the asphalt pump are hydraulically driven.

Thanks to the radar mounted under the chassis, it reads the speed of the vehicle relative to the ground. It provides speed control on the hydro pump by processing together with the radar paving width and paving amount. In this way, regardless of the speed of the vehicle, it automatically changes the speed of the asphalt pump and keeps the paving amount constant.

VAD Proportional Asphalt Distributor, actuator valves and pistons of spray bar valves are pneumatic; that is, it works with air. The air coming from the vehicle's main air tank enters the conditioner. The moisture and dust in this air are filtered in the air conditioner, then oil is injected into the air thanks to the oil hopper on the right. In this way, the pneumatic parts are lubricated while they are working at the same time. It is produced in pneumatic valve blocks. From there, it reaches the required valves or pistons according to the desired process.

VAD Proportional Asphalt Distributor has 2 automatic burners at the back to heat the material in the tank. The burners work with 220 volts. The 12 volt or 24 volt voltage taken from the vehicle battery is converted to 220 volts with the help of an inverter. Diesel from the burner fuel tank first enters the filters. From here it is distributed to the burners. The flame pipes of the burners have a U-shaped structure inside the tank. The outputs are given from the chimney at the back. VAD Proportional Asphalt Distributor Heating System can optionally be designed to suit PMB material or with hot oil bar heating.

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