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VCS 5400 Chip Spreader Explanation

Turkey's first Chip Spreader VCS 5400, has been delivered to market. Vimpo introduce VCS5400 to General Directorate of Public Roads in 2014, VCS5400 offers a range of features and benefits, also provides solutions for many problems.

VCS5400 is designed and manufactured for heavy duty road surface coating works. With user-friendly and simple interface PLC controls have been designed for ultimate solution. All spreading and drive controls centralised on a single joystick control and steering by hydraulic steering wheel.

Variable width twin section spreading hoppers which is continuoslt expandable and with individual gates. the chpper is capable of spread widths of 300mm up tu 5.4 meters. The power unit and drive train have been designed to enable high speed travel capability between jobs to minimise downtime and maximise productivity. Simple operator controls minimise the time needed for operator training. Powerful 320 Hp engine allows the machine work in every condition. Four wheel hydraulic drive

VCS 5400 Chip Spreader Features

Engine7,7 Liter 6 Cyl. 320 Hp/235 kW
Hyd. Tank360 Liter Hydraulic Tank
BeltsTwo 500mm W. Belt Conveyors
Spread Hopper18 Ind. Pneu Gates For Each Side
Receiv. HopperHydraulic Control
Spread Width5400mm Spread Width
ControlAuto Aggregat/m2 Spreading
DriveHydrostatic Drive System AWD
BrakeHydrostatic Brake, Axle Brake
OperatorColored PLC Touch Screen
DirectionJoystick Forward-Reverse
CabinAir Cond. A Refrigerator

PLC Control - 300 - 5400 Spreading - Hydrostatic Drive - Velocity Dependent Auto Spreading - All Around Visibility - Cruise Control


What Is Chip Spreader

Chip Spreader is controlled by a centrally controlled pneumatic system from the cabin and rear platform, and centrally controlled from the front cabin. When the material is finished, an audible and light alarm is given in the front cabin. It is used on cold paved roads, by being mounted on a truck tipper to lay gravel (aggregate) on the bitumen laid ground.

VCS 5400 Chip Spreader, pneumatic system controlled from the cabin with the Command Control System, applies equal crushing stone to all surfaces with the help of manual flow control. In the crushing stone pouring mechanism, the power transmitted pneumatically, operates the aggregate flow and dust holding hopper as a pin mechanism with the help of pneumatic pistons.

VCS 5400 Chip Spreader has a total capacity of 1.3 m3 and a spreading hopper with a width of 5400 mm. The spreading hopper can be expanded separately or at the same time. Each hopper has 9 laying covers that can operate separately. The width of the driver's cabin can be adjusted digitally. The feeding speed can be adjusted automatically or manually.

When the front hopper is full, there are sensors that measure the gravel level and automatically stop the conveyor. Hydraulically controlled blades provide convenience during transfer and operation. The capacity of the receiving hopper is 2,5m3. The tow hook is used to tow the vehicle while paving. There is a manual opening and automatic locking system for height and low adjustment, and a rotating mechanism system that prevents breakage when cornering.

Before using the VCS 5400 Chip Spreader, the oil ratio of the grease nipples in the gravel spreading mechanism should be checked. Make sure that the air distributor (conditioner) valve is open to the pneumatic system. All operator panel sockets should be checked.

VCS 5400 Chip Spreader has a pre-set control selection to enable the necessary parameters to work with joystick control. The paving amount is adjusted automatically according to the road speed. Vehicle speed and acceleration amount can be adjusted while laying or driving. Vehicle speed stabilization feature is available with one button.

The material to be poured is taken into the truck reservoir by adjusting the cover gap before the gravel is laid. After the power is turned on, the laying covers are opened. The gravel spreader connected to the tipper is moved by pressing the "run group" button in the cabin. At the end of the work, it is turned off by pressing the "group run" button. The daily maintenance of the vehicle is done by turning the power off.

Chip Spreader Maintenance

Before starting the maintenance, the machine should be cleaned. After the engine is turned off, the ignition key is taken and the handbrake is applied, the maintenance and repair process can be started. After the maintenance works and inspection, all the safety parts (locking washer and pin, screws, bolts and nuts) that need to be changed should be replaced. If welding is required on the paver or its chassis, it should be performed by an experienced welder. Using the equipment incorrectly or by untrained personnel can be dangerous. Learn the correct use and location of all controls.

Regular maintenance should be performed on the unit to avoid unnecessary damage and repair and to ensure maximum operation and performance. Bearings, seals and bushings mechanical fittings should be checked and oil in the grease nipples should be checked with an accelerated maintenance program after a certain operating period (100 hours of initial operation).

Chip Spreader How To Use

To operate the VCS5400 Chip Spreader, the machine main switch is turned on. The ignition is turned to the right and the vehicle is started. Vehicle engine speed runs at 740 Rpm. The Entry Screen is the screen image that appears after the VCS5400 Chip Spreader contact is activated.

When the screen comes on, the parking brake is activated automatically. The vehicle runs at idle 740 rpm. The joystick and other commands do not work on this screen. The Laying Screen is the screen image that comes after pressing the spread button after the entry screen. The laying screen led lights up. The vehicle runs at 1850 rpm at high speed. The joystick and other commands are active on this screen.

Gravel Size Selection Box is used to select the type of gravel to be paved. To change the size of the gravel, the selection button is turned, the box is selected and the outer frame of the box becomes green. To change the Gravel Type, the Selection Button is pressed once and the outer frame of the box becomes red. Gravel size is selected by turning the Selection Button and confirmed by pressing once.

Speed Selection Box is used to set the speed of the chip spreader as a percentage while preparing for or during laying. To change the speed of the VCS 5400 Chip Spreader, respectively, the selection button is turned to select the box and the outer frame of the box turns green. Press the Selection Button once to change the value and the outer frame of the box turns red. By turning the Selection Button, the percentage of the speed is selected and confirmed by pressing the button once. You can see the speed of the gravel paver from the speedometer dial and digital display (km/h, m/d) in paving or driving mode.

To use the VCS 5400 Joystick, firstly the safety catch is kept pressed. The lever arm is brought to the neutral position to go forward, to the back to go backward and to the neutral position to stop. The stop button is used to stop the gravel spreader. While the screenshot is in input mode, the engine speed will run at 740 rpm idle speed. To stop, the button must be pressed and the main switch of the machine must be turned off.

Chip Spreader Matters And Terms For Safe Driving

Adding equipment to a vehicle will change the handling and performance characteristics of the carrier vehicle. These changes include steering wheel operation and travel speed, center of gravity, fuel consumption, and vehicle wear and tear.

Sharp turns should not be made. Vehicle speed should not exceed 6-10 km/h during crushing. Compliance with the environmental conditions during applications and operation is the responsibility of the operator. The speed of the vehicle should not exceed 25km/h while filling the gravel hopper and during the gravel laying process.

It should be ensured that the machine is secured and parked safely before ending the working position. Engine exhaust fumes and aggregate dust should not be inhaled.

During loading and towing by the vehicle, it should not be entered between the crusher and the vehicle. The lifting apparatus should be replaced with a new one when it undergoes physical deformation. In specified weight (tonnage) should not be exceeded. During loading, the vehicle should not be approached more than 25 meters.

Transport must be on the vehicle, loading and unloading must be done with a crane, the connection must be arranged so that it is kept in horizontal position by three lifting ears on the chassis. It should not come closer than 10 meters to the gravel mechanism.

The distances of the covers should be adjusted manually with the help of rods (studs) according to the amount of gravel to be laid on the ground. It should be checked whether the reflectors are working or not. The operator who will use the machine, dust etc. must use masks and goggles in order to be protected from external factors.

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