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Vimpo VCCS Series Combi Chip Spreader Machine

Vimpo VCCS Series Combi Chip Spreader Machine, used in surface coating; It is both a distributor and a aggregate-laying machine. Aggregate is loaded into the aggregate hopper and, in surface coating, aggregates are laid on the road. In the meantime, bitumen is laid on the road from the distributor tank in front of the aggregate hopper.

The low investment, maintenance and repair costs of the Vimpo VCCS Series Combi Chip Spreader Machine, the low number of personnel and labor force provide great economy to the user. As a higher quality paving process is performed, a safer and longer-lasting road construction is ensured. Vimpo Combi Chip Spreader Machine, which paves the bonds more strongly, is a hybrid vehicle that performs bituminous surface and aggregate spreading at the same time.

The driver of the vehicle can perform all the necessary settings during paving thanks to the screen and keys placed in the driver's cabin. All spraying and cleaning operations are managed from the cabin. The ease of use of the machine and its apparatus provides an easy work process to the driver.

Vimpo VCCS Series Combi Chip Spreader Machine, bitumen tank capacity is at least 8.000 liters gross. Produced to high standards, Vimpo VCCS Series Combi Chip Spreader Machines have all the necessary equipment for safe working conditions. For the heating system that can bring the bitumen in the tank to the desired temperature, there are burners or burners working with diesel oil. The electrical need of the burners is supplied from the inverter in the system.

The heating temperature of the bitumen is adjusted and the operation of the burner is automatically stopped when this temperature is exceeded. Our VCCS Combi Chip Spreader Machine has a fuel tank with a suitable capacity and a level indicator. The user can read the flow rate of the bitumen pump through the control unit in the driver's cabin.

The length of the main spray pipe of the VCCS Series Combi Chip Spreader Machines is at least 2100 mm. The total spray lance (bar) length with the folding sections is at least 2700 mm in the fully extended position. In the spraying process, bitumen will be conveyed from the filling-circulation chamber of the pipe to both ends of the spray pipe, the filling into the spraying chamber will be from both ends and pressurized spraying will be provided.

Vimpo VCCS Combi Chip Spreader is ergonomically placed inside the vehicle cabin, the digital card controlled front control panel and the rear control panel placed on the side of the vehicle can be easily operated by the operator. The rear control panel is suitably protected from external influences.

Vimpo, VCCS Combi Chip Spreader Machine provides the user with the opportunity to control the control panel on-off, spray start-stop, spray nozzle controls, spray bar control, circulation system controls, other necessary indicators and controls from the front control panel. In addition, from the rear control panel, the heating system controls of the Combi Chip Spreader Machine, other necessary indicators and controls can be provided.

Vimpo VCCS Combi Chip Spreader Machine has a proximity sensor controlled digital speed measurement unit that displays the travel speed and this speed can be monitored on the control panel located in the driver's cabin. The digital indicator in the cabin displays the sprayed bitumen amount in kg/square meter, the total laid bitumen amount and/or kg. There will be an indicator showing the level of bitumen in the tank, graded in increments of 500 lt at most.

Stairs and handrails, rear bumper, mudguards on rear wheels are available where necessary. After the operation, after the bitumen in the spray system is absorbed, to prevent the bitumen that may remain in the pump and similar elements from freezing and clogging the system and to clean the system; There will be a system with a separate diesel oil tank in which diesel oil will be used as the solvent. Vimpo VCCS Combi Chip Spreader Machine has an overhead lamp, 2 lighting lamps for night work and two fire extinguishers.

Vimpo VCCS Series Combi Chip Spreader Machine aggregate hopper min. gross 9 m3. Aggregate hopper is inclined to move the aggregate into the pouring mouth. The paver can lay 8 different widths of crushed stone. The aggregate laying hopper can be hydraulically moved and slidable for at least 150 mm to the right and at least 150 mm to the left, for a total of at least 300 mm. The hydraulic pump drive is made from the transmission PTO of the truck.

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