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VAD 3600M Asphalt Distributor


Manuel Asphalt Distributor

VAD3600M with the 3600mm spreading width and pneumatic controlled spray-bar mechanism, operator still controls all the systems from the cabin. Operator can observe instant speed of the truck, pump rpm and spreading amount. Regarding the spreading amount and spreading width pump flow can easily controlled with a lever located at the cabin. Complete heating system, cleaning, spreading and other pump functions still be used with just couple of buttons.

VAD 3600M Manuel Asphalt Distributor Features

Capacity8.000 - 13.500 Liters
Isolating SheetAluminium Sheet 1mm
Isolating MaterialStone Wool 50mm
PowerVehicle PTU (Power Transmission Unit)
VAD 3600M / ControlsCabinet Manual Control
Pump Type3”VA Pump (60m3/h)
Spray Bar Span2400 - 3600mm
Spreading Lane Width600mm, 6 Groups of Pneumatics
Spray Bar DrivePneumatic - Electric On-Off
Valve ControlsPneumatic - Electric
Heating SystemTwo Burners (min 190kw, max 310kw)
Drive TypeHydrostatic Control

Asphalt Distributor Transport

VAD Series Asphalt Distributors are designed according to the request of our customers to be suitable for their own countries’ new or second-hand trucks. So, the high truck import expenses will be reduced. VAD Series can be put pre-montaged in to a 40ft container thanks to this design transportation costs are reduced significantly and it took only 5-7 days for the installation and training.

Asfalt Distribütör Transport

VAD 3600M Asphalt Distributor SECTIONS

Manual Asphalt Distributor And Its Features

In the Vimpo VAD Manual Asphalt Distributor, the amount of material to be poured onto the road is adjusted manually by the operator with the help of the electronic card in the driver's seat and the paving is done by means of the spray bar. System control is provided with the help of buttons on the operator panel. The amount of material to be poured into m2 , the total amount of spilled material, asphalt pump speed, paving width, vehicle speed, total distance traveled are displayed on the electronic card.

Manual control is used during the adjustment of the pump flow. After the operator has selected the pave width, he can control the pump with the flow adjustment lever. At this time, it controls the instant laying amount and pump speed in kg/m2. Thanks to the screen on the control panel, the operator can control the spread instantly. All pump functions and heating systems are equipped with systems that do not require manual intervention. The paving process is controlled manually without compromising operator comfort.

Burner fuel tank, rear right and left additional spray bar, main spray bar, specially designed asphalt pump, fixed displacement hydromotor, pneumatically actuated valves, two burners to heat the material in the tank, hydraulic oil tank, cleaning tank, air conditioner, inverter, fuse box, rear control panel. There is front control panel in the cabin.

Actuated valves and spray bar valves have pneumatic pistons; it works with air. The air coming from the vehicle's main air tank enters the conditioner. The moisture and dust in this air are filtered in the air conditioner, then oil is injected into the air thanks to the oil hopper on the right. In this way, the pneumatic parts are lubricated while they are working at the same time. It is produced in pneumatic valve blocks. From there, it reaches the required valves or pistons according to the desired process.

There are 2 automatic burners at the back to heat the material in the tank. The burners operate with 220 volts. The 12 volt or 24 volt voltage taken from the vehicle battery is converted to 220 volts with the help of an inverter. Diesel from the burner fuel tank first enters the filters. From here it is distributed to the burners. The flame pipes of the burners have a U-shaped structure inside the tank. The outputs are given from the chimney at the back.

The Heating System can optionally be designed in accordance with PMB material or with hot oil bar heating.

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